Travis is one of the most amazing humans that I know. He goes easily with the flow, is understanding and compassionate. He also travels well! I grew up with him, so I would know. I am honored to consider him my friend and look forward to future cuddles with this awesome cutie.
— "Mel", 30

Travis is a warm ball of energy and comfort. He exudes so much positivity and love both in his conversations and in his presence. When we cuddle, I feel Travis’s love radiating from his body. His friendship and warmth vibrate from him through me. It’s as if we are in our own little world made just for us.
— "Bel", 27

I’ve been sleeping with Travis for just north of 20 years. and by “sleeping with” I mean literally “falling asleep in the same bed with.” I thank the stars above for every day Travis and I have known each other; growing up together since such a young age has been a beautiful gift. There is no place more comfortable than with Travis. If I were to hoard his amazing gravitational pull of soothing warmth, I would be a greedy, greedy soul. No touching is required to experience these chill-out vibes. However, he’s an amazing impromptu masseuse, (gets it from his mother) but Travis is so much more than a radiator of love. He is engaging in conversation of literally -every topic- you can think of, and he truly listens. he’s a kindred soul on the path. Travis cares in the most unselfish fashion. He truly enjoys the company of others, and is practiced the twin comforts of kindness and compassion.
— "Pen", 27