What you'll get is me. I have a petite but muscular build, so I will be like your very own personal teddy bear type human. People tend to like squeezing me a lot! I'm a skilled and highly complimented cuddler as well as a back and feet massager.  I can provide food I have either cooked myself or picked up; and I can provide what we need to watch TV and movies.  I can provide onesie pajamas and blankets that will always be freshly cleaned. Playing games or just talking is fine with me. Whatever you want to do to hang out! Remember, this is your time to receive the love and positive attention you deserve. 

You deserve love, compassion, and affection without judgement, and I am here to help you achieve that in whatever way makes us both feel comfortable.

FEES: I am currently operating on a donation based platform. My suggested rate is $40.00 an hour. If the suggested rate is difficult for you- do not worry- I have no problem adjusting to your situation.

 All cuddling interactions are to be properly clothed and strictly platonic. I will expect for us both to be freshly cleaned, with laundered clothes and teeth brushed. I am allergic to perfume, so please no non-natural scents. Feel free to wear whatever it is you are comfortable in. On our first meeting, I would like it if we could chat a little and get to know each other a bit. I’m open to overnight sessions with clients I am familiar with. I’m in West Los Angeles if you want to drive to me, but I can drive to you anytime (but may ask for travel expenses depending on distance).  So please, drop me a line, and tell me a bit about you! We should hang out!